Contractual conditions
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Contractual conditions
Terms of service

The service consists of counting visited pages and single visitors of the user's site. All data are stored in a password-and-login protected area. In order to use the service, the user needs to embed an HTML code in the website he wants to monitor. Service activation will be confirmed by an email, containing instruction on how to embed the HTML code.

Duration of contract and withdrawal.
The present contract has an unspecified duration.
The cancellation of the contract can happen anytime by both parties.
For the user:
by removing the entire Vivistats HTML code, marks and logos from his website.
For Vivistats:
24 hours after sending the confirmation email to the user mailbox specified during registration process;
After cancellation of the contract, viewing stats won't be possible.

Contractor's data
The user assures that provided data are true and updated. Registration process is completely automatic without any operator guiding registration or category data insertion. In case submitted data are incorrect, untrue or do not comply with regulations, Vivistats reserves the right to deactivate or suspend the service without previous notice.

Reserved-area protection
During registration process, the user can choose to make website stats public or private. If he decides to make them public, visitors can look at all statistic data but they can't access to configuration menu and modify personal data and account.

By registering to Vivistats, the user agrees that his site (name, url and description) appears in public hits arranged by single user number.

The following types of website can not use the counter:
- sites concerning illegal, dangerous or unlawful stuff;
- sites violating third party's right;
- sites that anyhow violate law or local, street, national or international regulations;
- sites containing unpleasant content or vulgar, obsene or moral-offensive expressions;
- sites containing calumnies, threats or molestations;
- sites related to racist content that incites to hate, violence or rebellion;
- sites trading drugs or tobaccos;
- sites trading illegal weapons;
- sites trading explosives or fireworks;
- sites related with game of chance or casino;
- sites that sell pharmaceutical products;
- sites related to reserved-frequence wireless transmission;
- sites trading fake or stolen stuff.

Terms of supply
Terms of supply represent main and essentioal part of the present contract.
Vivistats reserves the right to modify these conditions and/or technical specifications anytime without notice, by warning users withpublications and messages on the website. For registered users, a personal email will be sent to make condition change public.
To provide the service for free, the user must accept to insert advertisements such as banners, popunder or other systems in his stat pages.
By inserting the HTML code, the user authorizes Vivistats to open secondary closable windows containing html or javascript-like code for statistic or lucrative reasons.

Access to statistics
Access to statistics will be protected with password and login that the user must keep safely. Therefore he will be responsable for any damage brought about by its misuse.

Statistics viewing
Statistics will be viewed inside Vivistats pages, by inserting the password obtained during the registration process.
Each Monday (from 0:01 to 6:59), the user wil receive a short stats summary email with information about his site monitoring.

Responsibility limitations
- Both parties agree that Vivistats cannot by any means be responsible towards the user or third party for suspension or cancellation of service.
- Vivistats is not responsible towards the user for contractual reasons, illegal situation, direct or indirect profit or business losses, any other indirect or consequential damage or loss or for any data destruction.
- Vivistats do its best to keep all data prtected and reserved to members only but it's not responsible for consequences, if any, caused by theft, hacking, server violation or some other attacks producing data loss.
- Vivistats is not by any means participating or in accordance with website administrator and/or with the owner of the website where HTML code is embedded to trace statistics.
- Vivistats is not responsible for external links in the user's website.
Vivistats has no other contract with memebers of Vivistats, except for providing them statistical data.

Code modifications
The counter code provided to the user must not be modified by any means.If it happens, Vivistats has the faculty to suspend the service immediately.

Act of God
Not the user nor Vivistats could be considered responsible one to another if their non-fulfilment is brought about by situations beyond their control such as, for example, lightning, flood, unusual weather conditions, fire, explosions, war, civil rebellion or strikes.

Account cancellation
The user can completely cancel his account and related site statistics by using the cancellation procedure that causes total destruction of website statistic data. Once the user requests the cancellation of the service, the procedure will be complete within 72 hours.

Final terms
If Vivistats tolerates a non-fulfillin situation of the user, this condition cannot by any means be considered as a waiver of rights recognized by the contract and/or by law.

All communications related to this contract must be sent to: